Crawl (8mm)

Standing near the window looking out with both hands on the phone that's pressed to my ear I lay my forehead against the glass And its cold against my skin. The phone rings in my ear again and a machine you comes on And tells me to leave a message and you'll call. I run my fingers along the shape of the phone searching out every seem and crevice Looking for the way in. I think now that if I try, if I try, if I concentrate hard enough I can change myself into something else. Then I'll be able to pour myself into this wire Travel across these lines and find my way to you. Or maybe there's another trick, another spell And I could change you And I'd draw you to me, Pull you to me, Crawl to me. Draw you to me Pull you to me Call you to me Crawl to me. Crawl to me. Crawl to me. Crawl for me.