Life In London (Travers Pat)

Life in London is bittersweet Spray can slogans along the street Some kind of revolution in the town Razor blades and safety pins make you look like a clown What's goin' down Is just the same old sound You know that energy Has always been my drug for me You know, I came across a lot of water Just to see, if it could be The place to go, the life for me I changed my dollars into pounds And now that drink is gonna cost me fifty p But the District Line just doesn't seem To be going as far as I'd like to go today And I've met a lot of great people I guess that's one thing that will never change People are people wherever you go Now you wanna know why, it's cuz I'm telling you so But I'd like to see, some peace and harmony Well, everybody thinks differently But that shouldn't mean a thing Shouldn't mean a thing Pack up my suitcase, I gotta go Back to a land that I think I know Bring something with me Leave something behind Oh, Life in London's at the back of my mind But the District Line just doesn't seem To be running as far as I'd Like to go today