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Harry Potters Over (parody Of Skyscraper) (Dawson Shane)

Nerds are crying Dorks are dying Fat cat ladies going insane There all screaming What do we do While they tumblr all there pain When will Harry fuck Hermionie When did Ron get so fugly Think about all the fun you had Going to the movies in your wizard hat Thinking you looked cute Girl don't get me started Stop drawing lightning bolts on your head Stop saying that Dumbeldawf is your friend Harry Potters over That stupid movies over You tweet tweet tweet Why does it have to end Hash tag I need some friends, friends You spend spend spend Money on stupid shit Like fake glasses and a quidditch stick All of the poop jellybeans you ate All of the times you stayed up late Looking for nude pics Of Daniel Radcliffe I will take every book you have I have some room left in my trash Harry potters over So glad that shits over Harry potters over Harry potters over Harry potters over