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Sweat Shop (Dawson Shane)

We got a fashion line Even got dog poop bags at Target Put our face on it We gonna sell it Even if it's shitty I'm Kris and I'm the main bitch And welcome to my sweat shop You ask to get the day off Well guess what, you get a throat chop My pimp slap is strong I get respect so easy My kid's like, "Mom, how many times did you slap daddy?" Screaming and yelling Have more babies I can sell Black guys love Kim So now she's selling watermelon No one loves Court I'm trying to get her to kill herself And then I'll sell the story And that's one more book on the shelf Damn, that was kinda fucked up Good thing I'm not a human I'm an alien from planet cunt We got a tampon line Called Kardashians the real bloodsuckers Our mom is crazy Court's eye is lazy I think I'm adopted