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Heir To The Throne (Cory Gunz)

Lets get in the perspective of with no objectives love Heckler spectacles riddle the festivals left of us Collectible surgical medical kit synthetical drug Intellectual thug is digestin all these vegetable grub Respectable buzz reputable so there's skeptical fuss, My best of you doesn't mean you'll find where the rest of you was, The rest of you was about as late as the rest of you was, Hostility in my hostel and then he gets the new scrubs, Nigga gyro hero out a hero, an edible sub, By myself in your sectional club with professional gloves, My set of binocular goggles scope incredible slugs... Congressional fuss aching me to depression too much And it's taking me to a level few could express through a dutch, I walk in a cloudy state of mind with my head in the heavens And said to this reverend I wish I was beheaded at seven... Instead it's like I jetted from hell, went dead in this dead end, A sinister sinner sentenced to get this bread with this leaded eleven, 1997 I was joyful, happy and bright, 2007 I'm unlawful, happy despite Dysfunctional family gatherings for the scraps who would fight, Knew I was gifted with the words how I rap what I write, Drive with a focus on the road, passin the sights, Sat on the stoop and missed them gun blast massacre nights, Ask if it's right point em then out em fast as a light, Parachute arial assault niggas casket a kite, Now that I got your undivided one sided attention I'm different from niggas you payed attention Now pay attention, Need I say or mention if I persuaded conditions Of playin wishes you say is business I needed a greater pension, Your late intentions what made all my late extension What gave to my plate position and state, my fate and mission it's real