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On Da Spot (Cory Gunz)

I mentioned success, right? I tell em, I used to give a shit Now I don't give 10 less, niggas want shows Applaud for em, as I impress and inject threats with twin techs Your kin's next, my niggas hit the bar And park you with the guards Who got the bench necks, I been fresh Yes, fuck G's, your bitch ass the way out I told her "suck seed" The problem with the league is that niggas don't want to perish They nervous, Cory get em discouraged That sort of verse died in that Beem and Suburban His sort of wording, you probably see him in a turban Disrespectful, fondling your beam while she nursing I'm lyrically perfect, fuck it I said it Mirror me worth it, a good look made it clearly and certain Hold me to the age of your favorite regardless I'm favored by the starvers who make their targets the product This lil' nigga got some nerve, you think you Jay? Nigga save your thoughts, think yay My niggas pop Xannies up in nannies On you cross-dressing trannies On the 4th, Wessons go off at your fannies And I want every cranny, and I'mma be grit For every Grammy, and I did it with shit, not even Mammy You hear me? Had to let that bitch breathe... Fuck it, let's suffocate her cause I waited long enough I'm on this nigga's heels, I'm just waiting on the cuff Threw it to him smooth, but it blew it through him rough Pull out some shit Suge-height, jerk like Puff Toughs like bluffs, bring the uptight stuff Fight what? I fuck fights up Abrupt dice luck cause a nigga Niks scuffed Corrupt heist bucks cause a nigga life cuffs And that's how I write stuff, making niggas bite dust Aiite, what... I'm rapping like M, Jigga, Kool G A pinch of Fugees, grouped in Nas and his kufi My group the groupies are like wet bottoms to roofies You can be the new G, seen first in that v-neck Coogi When that tech loogie, hacht-pooie No lock, just pop and drop like Huey These haties' ladies see me coming on that kaka doodie To me, you sushi, chewy and tooshie I'm bad like Boosie Rap to me is easy as apple-picking is to baboonsies I baloon his goons and lay them lead with that strap It'll leave you scrappy, Scoobie Act the movie, ain't what he shat, but it kept him rolling My swag is So overpotent, I rap like I'm overloading Convulsions doing exploding imploding foes And reloading foes back I keep shit going all lax why the fuck they fronting? I'm back The fuck they wanting with that? Just keep mine coming in stacks And repeat your thumb in your ass cuz you fucked yourself Iller than some are real and I'm trill enough for the South '88 New Yorker nigga, old school grill in his mouth No school blocking my route Pro Tools truck and I'm out Those rules drop and I'm out Position her like a stool then we pool drop in her mouth Militia we ain't playing MC'ing we ain't banging Quiet riot what you saying? Green Ha ha ha ha ha yes on the set like a bet Who the next guest best the shit I express Too much to ingest like incest being confessed Lingo I possess can infest the nest You manifest, blessed, your chest compressed Can be digested, following a drive by Like let's get high, eyes get tested Lives get hectic, guys' wives get pipe-necked Besides refreshments, I can't imagine any more than poor misfortune Forming porking if I'm forking he's an orphan Dwarfed and morphed into a short and awkward vulture On the? kind of raucous Hit the stork like skip the door bitch it's important Stripper store, pop a cork for Cory Culkin Whore a story walking glory talking For a Maury Povich audience I'm annoying, I'm employing so I'm enjoying Employing my shit's a dime on top of another nine This rock could your mother climb Shit popped another? Gets dropped for some other? to get flipped for other tops But bitch, a lot of niggas hella copped my swag And trying to raise the race green and never clocked my drag