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Talk To Me Nice (Cory Gunz)

Ay, you heard the voice on the face made the choice. ha, speaking on dha Apha youngest in charge you know milsha sqaure off. let me break it down Like this... Cory Gunz - Man, on the ski trip set up in the sona pochinos know we piggin In beny hona. lots of specalation cause they see me with shhh! but I aint With the drama cause I aint lil mama, I aint tryna send you out know I Aint ya father, shine baby shine I know you like my revalva last night was Close you know I wanted farther (Mad cause she sad but she mad cause you softa) Yeaa, baby you betta talk 2 me nicee (talk 2 me nice) baby you bettah talk 2 me nice (Talk 2 me nice) Trips - uhh. so militan, I gottah issue with a hotel til full of bottles Pochohol at the pochinos room full of models, niggahs from the hood they Follow but there pockets all hallow. I aint talking bout the girl in the Bac quick 2 swallow (shawaty know's wat trips the great when you done meet Me in room 358 we on the 3rd floor got em pro. it's right across the hall Which are barbie girls I caught me one 2 with the barbie curlz heading dwn Stairs my pijama party girl, it's offical when you dealing with the Youngest in charge I took down maybe 3 but I play the minaj mixed all type Of girls like you one the cologe you bettah talk 2 me nice if you tryna go Far, when the bottles all ice and your girlfriend the right you betta make Sure that you talk 2 nice Yeaa, baby you betta talk 2 me nicee (talk 2 me nice) baby you bettah talk 2 me nice (Talk 2 me nice) Slim - SLIM! (talk 2 me nice or don't tell me nothing so you heard a couple Chicks try 2 fuck with slim room 2 62 see watsupp with them, poppin bottle After bottle couple cupsegen, little shawty frontin on me cuss I fucked Her friend, talk 2 me nice my shoes white on white, from the pool to the Jucuz then we can get right (LETS GET RIGHT! right, neva do I write, Shawty wanna rap so I let her rock the mic, ha friend wanna double so I Let her alib, long hair; cuteface; nice waist; ha ass big, neva the type That be chasing a chick (relationship, aint got no patient for it, I'm on The grind for now tryna get the fed shawty want me 2 hit but I'm tryna catch The head (talk 2 me nice neva mind what was said she laughed when I told Her I wrote this rhyme in my head. For real was thatt! ... baby you betta talk 2 me nicee (talk 2 me nice) baby you bettah talk 2 Me nice (Talk 2 me nice) Dadadadadadadadadadadadadada Nenenene.