Complexing The Simple (House vs. Hurricane)

I haven't yet accomplished everything I need. Tell me your sanctity lives strong, Knowing this protest grew. I'm left wanting to believe, That there is more to humanity than what I've seen. You know it's done when these words mean nothing. I'll take away your miseries and make them mine. Filter your thoughts, and cease the cause. We'll find the answers in ourselves, If we can find a moment to at least see the travelled road. Make a choice, find your own. All I can ask for is time, To fix this mess we've helped create. This world is small, that is our saving grace. As long as I have warm blood beneath my skin, As long as I have the breath to breathe again, I'll strive for what's real 'till there's nowhere to turn. As long as i have warm blood. The statement lacks but is it so hard to say? I can see no reason why we can't reach each other. Can you tell me what's the more important fact, Our life, or the times and trials within them? However long this introspect will take. Are you listening? Because this is the world I know