I. Sinister, In Many Forms (House vs. Hurricane)

When it comes i'm not afraid to face the day my time is up. I only find myself within. Don't be afraid by the uncertainties of what we can't be shown. Because we both know what they think they know, We'll come to learn in time. There's still a primal fear that resides in us, Without distinguishing that it's the very thing that's dividing us. But that just scratches the surface of what we face. Influence induced from every side, Telling you how to live and what to buy. Don't you realize? It's the same thing told in a million different ways. (I won't be held down..) It's just a bold assumption at how we spend our days. (..by anyone) If you leave their ideals behind, it's your life to define. You've see them all, blame the men that hide within a cave. And then create boundaries to change how we behave, oh. The beauty of truth is there can be no dispute. Open up our eyes and see it's staring us in the face. Knowledge is power, and you've gotta learn the rules to play the game. We've been blindsided by a corporate herd, that only serves the wealthy's need. They've had an infinite amount of time, But what they've created is only a state of mind.