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Iii. Nevermore (House vs. Hurricane)

While we're abused, our intentions are misconstrued. when in fact we're in the middle of a sickening story. simply lead to play the fool. There is defeat in sight, with every word that i write. creating nothing but a miserable cycle. so what's left to say? my friends maintain that everything is fine. (skeptical of all that surrounds us, misdirected by the walking blind.) could you not consider, they couldn't even matter in this world? (after all the battles within ourselves, the battles within ourselves.) i don't understand it. but a resolution lies in sight, if we reject it from our heart and mind. hope that somehow you find your way. (everything begins with the resolves to take the first step. waiting on a sign to tell you when wont help you to forget.) (everything begins. without action, nothing changes. we remain the same.) without our change, this place won't be what we see in our dreams. we'll remain. we will stay, we will change.