So They Say (House vs. Hurricane)

So you'd say if I stayed within your lines, I'd find an easier ride, within our time. But what you failed to mention is you'd exploit us every step of the way. I could feel our faith in you begin to stray, But your word always meant nothing. Forced away for a dollar figure, Just to keep you out of reach. A man once genuine, now turned to stone. If we only knew the things we've come to know. A fool holds a hardened heart, a blackened soul. Not one to be confined, in this life, The choices that I make are my own steps to take. Not one to be denied, in this life, The choices that I make are my own steps to take, And I won't take no for an answer. No I won't be confined. We'll take these steps and move on without you. You're not the man we thought you were. Take these steps and be proud to move on without you. A greedy hand, hidden behind. Consuming an innocence. This is to put you in your place. Fraudulent ideals, the real ignored, makes it easier to steal. We never thought it could be real. We can't change the past, But we could always change our path. We'll take our chances somewhere else, And you'll see what comes next. It's only about the view you hold, When a situation gets out of your control. This is only way once we look past the blind reasoning, oh! When you hold close, a circumstance which binds your mind, Eventually it'll change your perspective in time. We all carry the burden of a promise unkept. Not more than yourself and the things you'll come to regret.