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Last Time (Boot Camp Clik)

Turn on the Uh-huh (5x) You and you throw your hands up If you in the back come on, throw your hands up If you in the front, you can throw your hands up If you on the side, you can throw your hands up Wave 'em in the sky, you can throw your hands up Yo its aiight if you wanna throw your hands up You and you and you could throw your hands up Cause its the B-double-ooh B-double-oh, this is how we do On the regular oh-ooh, you know who Uh-huh (3x) Yo there used to be a rumor about BDI I wouldnt come back, I tell you no lie But when I listen to the radio I think Whenever I'm back, I'm bound to make a link With the music that used to make me jam and jump Thump while the bass bump Tellin BJ throw on the wax thats playin the Therapy mix You said it was aiight, we made a remix Licks after licks take ticks Of the time clock B-D-Buck a shot, uh, take it to the top See I'm bound to make your body pop One nation under a groove, so my beat'll never stop When I heard about the beef between the East and the West coast Called my nigga Kurupt, I knew it was boast They hope a nigga in the music with this bomb So I prepare load my arms And wait, cause its the last time This is the last time i will Ever struggle This is the last time i will Ever fall My moms gotta take in second-hand bum smoke Just to keep from breakin, goin broke And if you read my diary it'd break your heart Cause I been losin like a mutherf**ka from the start Excuse me--but thats the only way that I can express My life feelin like a bunch of bullets racin through my chest Time after time i felt the feelin that you feel when you lose Sittin on my stoop cryin blues Seekin refuge from these hard-time skits Remembering days when I was literally penniless And have to watch my people do it alone I said it was the last time but this time I swear I'll make it happen if I have to to lose all my hair For real This is the last time i will Ever struggle This is the last time i will Ever fall (2x) Eyes watch as I make moves Livin proof that the struggle still continues Who's out to gain for fame? Let him not remain vain Time will tell who fell And who maintained Finding my purpose in this life Cause I aint sure that we all promised paradise Precisely I'm just like the seed Planted in the Earth to bring forth new breed Shall I proceed to manifest destiny Surely me and all of my B and C Will find our time on the line of history Faithfully as G-O-D watchin over we Created we so I satnd in my God Body Hardly moved by those crews that try to charge me falsely It won't be the first time and it won't be the last time I'm sure No more strugglin No more pain Only good times after this I pray This is the last time i will Ever struggle This is the last time i will Ever fall All you gotta do is believe in me...