Interviews With The Icon (NIM VIND)

These times were hit with Snake Eyes They turn you one in style and killing glow In lights within the doorway, Glamorous like who you know The way you walk your world like that, your look is quite the Charm And the rules they'll change for you like Faces on your arm My mind is overactive, and you are radioactive on a Radioactive Man The flashes Dance around here, and swirling eyes are close Can t guarantee your safety. Your's is such the Lethal Pose Although the doctor says its not so bad, could be that I'm just overreacting And I know I got up close these times, and something Strange is happening My mind is overactive, got to be Radioactive on a radioactive man The Doctor told me I've got to Drug a lot With my Scorpion-like Touch 4-A Eyes are places in mine And nothing is deemed 'to much' Will I emerge a different life form, and make your tabloid Crush Re-Invent my lifetime all the man I never was