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Dirty (Farr Tyler)

I was driving that tractor, spittin my 'bakker Had some roads to hoe 500 acres but my sweet potato kept blowin up my phone Said how much longer are ya gonna be Get your butt in gear Forget that shower I'll see ya in an hour Boys now listen here She likes a greasy ol ball cap Beer cans in the back Truck drivin kinda man Country in his roots n dust on his boots And hard working calloused hands Aw she she ain't worried For a girl so perty Aw she sure does like it...dirty Had reservations and a table waitin but she didn't wanna go Said she don't drink wine, rather sip shine and ride on ol back roads My buddy Dallas he got a cabin down on the riverside She said she ain't scared so I took her there and she took me for a ride! Ya she's a down home, turn me on, real as a country song, bait her own hook kinda girl River bank rope swinger, eats her chicken with her fingers, hazard county queen when my pick up ain't clean No she ain't worried For a girl so perty Aw she sure does like it...dirty So I turned on the radio, played her something nice and slow, tried to get her in the mood She said she didn't wanna slow dance, two step or hold hands, you know what I wanna do I wanna roll down the windows, crank it til the speakers blow, by now you outta know Ya play me somethin that a rocks, knocks me outta these flip flops, get some mud between my toes Oh I ain't worried, I might be perty but I sure do like it...dirty Ha ha ha She likes it dirty That's right She likes it dirty ya'll Straight up, dirty C'mon