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Hello Goodbye (Farr Tyler)

I told myself a thousand times it wouldn't end like this But here I am standing at the door with no more walls to hit I didn't notice it was over til it was too late All the tears are cried and it's time to walk away So hello suitcase, hello pictures on the floor, Hello heartache, hello slamming doors, Hello Silverado running in the drive Hello freedom, hello goodbye I never knew this gravel drive could be so damn long And I never thought I'd ever be this close to being gone I wonder if she wonders if I'll turn this truck around I wish I could cause it hurts like hell but it's too late for that now So hello highway, hello city limit sign, Hello sunset, hello Jackson county line, Hello radio go and play that song tonight Hello freedom, hello goodbye Oh I did the best to make the best of us But hell sometimes love just ain't enough So hello teardrops, hello empty space, Hello memories, hello love we used to make, Hello Jesus won't you help me through the night Hello tomorrow, hello goodbye