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Definition Of A Man (Javine)

All Around Me Wants To Know Y I'm Wid Him And Wot The Deal Wid This Obsession Wid A Guy I've Been Loving For So Long They're Into Wot They C Superficial And They Dnt Give A Damn That He's Got The Finest Qualitys And They Cant Control How He Sends Me Over And Makes Me Quiver How He Takes Me Up And My Feet Dnt Touch The Ground Hes My Definition Of A Man Holding My Heart In His Hands And His Love Goes On And Onand On He's My Definition Of A Man And As Far As I'm Concerned We're Gonna Go On And On And On Wen The Rumours Start To Twist Before They Hit They Get Dismissed Together Standing Strong Dnt Need To Prove Them Wrong To My Mind Hes The Key Fuels My Body Heat So Easily And I'm Not Down Wid The Negative Its Evident How His Sensitivity Brings The Woman In Me To A Deeper Place I Get Lost In His Embrace After All That We've Been Through I Got A Thing Inside I Jst Cant Hide He's The One I Need For Sure And I Culdnt Ask For More And Thats Y Our Love Goes On And On And On