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Branwen Slayne (Faith and the Muse)

O my deare brother I am damnifyed at Caer Siddi For myn housbonde hath this twelfmonth treated me with crueltie Albe to please thee I didst cheerfullie accept his proffred hand I was ne'er wary he was ruler of y Uffern land For whan his gastfull subjekts they didst first espy hir freondlesse Queene Eftsoone they wept for I to them was noughte but a living thinge hence with despight his consorted kingdomes stonie hart eshewde And I am thrall'd to sufferance in poverte and servitude For I am one of three great queenes of the Cymry Loneliness -- Patience -- Wisdom -- Happiness O my brother thou art Kinge of y Island o the Mightye alfeare of thy rage hath plac'd silent centenells at Caer Siddi Ynow for bane or worse that may betide I send my gentil byrd Whilst I bemone mine outcast state tho hold my tonges unthrifty worde There mew'd withinne its tamed winge myn urgent message pleades thyn ayd battailous make thy complement and reskue this most piteous mayde Heerin this underwourldlye gloome I implore thee to appeare And carrye me to Aber Alaw for I am buried there Loneliness -- Patience -- Wisdom -- Happiness (Unigrwydd) (Amynedd) (Doethineb) (Llavenydd) For I am one of three who broke their harts in griefe