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Mercyground (Faith and the Muse)

Air-built madness: unfamiliar charm Hides in the softest eyes And ponderous smiles manifest denial But heavy heartless Conscious of our load Hurled by dreams into a separate world We dig the thoughtless earth With fingers lighter than the breath Of lifeless minds awaiting death On this mercyground What may transpire in this stagnant posture Tradition multiplies Where repetition reigns and the air smells of age And prayers of sightless Blind us to the earth Disenchantment sings in voices fortified Our sleep is justified Prone and weary from descent Our eyes reflect empyrean On this mercyground Safe inured we lay to rest Pinioned by our helplessness On this mercyground Empty smiles drag us down Until we softly kiss the ground And all movement is lost Silently we all sink down Embraced within this mercyground And all movement is lost