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Sparks (Faith and the Muse)

How carelessly the bound daylight caresses Oblivious to wandering eyes extinguished Free me reckless with the night Elusive scenes enkindled burst to fire Where splendor casts umbrageous twin And love sparks radiance To guide the heart from within All in search for you Eve of brilliance Till the morning proves indifference For the sparks die Leaving shadows in my vision How dutifully the dull sunlight chastises Adopted wings that dare arise with promise Incandescent I represent Pandora's uninformed enlightenment And fears that creep about my flame Evanesce until the dawn calls them Home again bearing thoughts of you And I'm helpless to see Unbecoming of me Blindly mythicizing Etiolation emphasized by merrythoughts Once broken by moonlight Oh brighter to have never loved Than gather ghosts of the blinding Relentless sun idealized in you And I can't bear to see Unbecoming of me Love is not dead