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The Sea Angler (Faith and the Muse)

There was a gentle angler who was angling in the sea With heart as cold as only heart untaught of love can be When suddenly the waters rushed and swelled and up there sprang A humid maid of beauty's mold, and thus to him she sang: "Why dost thou strive so artfully to lure my brood away And leave them to die beneath the sun's all-scorching ray? Couldst thou but tell how happy are the fish that swim below? Thou wouldst with me taste of joy which earth can never know" The water rushed, the water swelled, and touched his naked feet And fancy whispered to his heart, it was a love pledge sweet She sang another siren lie, more 'witching than before Half-pulled, half-plunging down he sank, and ne'er was heard of more.