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The Unquiet Grave (Faith and the Muse)

The wind doth howl today m'love and a winter's worth of rain I never had but one true love in cold grave she was lain Oh I adored my sweetest love as any young man may So I'll sit and weep upin her grave for twelve-month and a day One true love is eternity for two three four nevermore will I see my love true The twelve-month and a day forgone the dead began to speak "Oh who sits weeping on my grave and will not let me sleep?" "Tis I, my love, upon my grave that will not let you sleep for I crave one kiss of your lips and that is all I seek" "You crave one kiss of my cold lips but I am one year gone If you have one kiss of my lips your time will not be long Let me remind me, dearest one a patient heart to keep for we professed eternal love that lives though I may sleep There down in yonder garden grove, love, where we once did walk the finesst flower that ever was seen has withered to a stalk the stalk has withered dry, my loce tough our hearts shan't decay so make yourself content, my love till god calls you away"