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Vervain (Faith and the Muse)

A thousand dreamers crept as one Journey'd by the colder sun Knocked at the chamber's gate Yet this sleeper does not wake In the oracle overhung With careless whispers, ivystung Their tiny fingers cling to warmth A home for the love weary heart Onward sacrarium, time sojourns Palanquin leads this path adorned While reverent creatures soft prepare The slumberous beauty carried there And lay their hands on silken skin As through these veins the gods did run Two thousand arms in twilight Endless dream and endless night Past echoed ruins overgrown Small voices drift in ancient tongue Mindful to their deepest wish For a home to the love weary heart In soft embrace I now arise And search for peace in hungering eyes Thy faces change: my love renames Our starlit world, the past remains Forgotten by linear spite One thousand pairs of second sight Who through my eyes at last may see We are divinity We choose to be