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Battle Against Time (Wintersun)

... I'm sailing away to undiscovered seas... I see a golden light shining far away I can't tell if I'll make it there someday I reach my hands but there's no one on my path I can't sleep 'cause my body is burning Cold sweat, cannot breath, I'm loosing my mind Reflection in the mirror shows a different man at night And as hours and seconds pass by I feel my every feeling wither and die Do I really feel this pain 'cause sometimes I can't tell if I'm awake Watching to the night, the hope is gone Carrying so much burden in my heart Watching to the night with tired eyes Waiting for nothing all my life Battle against time I... battle against time I am covered with cold ice, I am flying in the black skies Fighting everyday, but it feels like, it's just the same Oh time... you cut my heart and soul You carve my will and passion of life 'cause the days of emptiness are piercing through me like arrows I feel nothing, but hate and love So much fire inside, so much left undone Hate&Love ... I'm sailing away and nothing will ever be the same...