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Beautiful Death (Wintersun)

My face turned pale before the cold eyes of death My body was frozen by the stare from the dark I don't want to think of anything, but there's storm of thoughts in my head I wasn't prepared for this, 'cause I'm not ready to die Nothing could have prepared me for this ["Only way out is through window of dreams" backwards] Nothing but blood so red and deceased Nothing but pain, I fall on my knees Tormenting demons, I suffer and bleed Only way out is through window of dreams The rain whips the lonely and crushed soul The dark clouds are closing fast, the wind is blowing the colours of life away The growing shadow will darken my dreams, and with the fire inside me it feeds I'll be screaming in the stars when it's over Storms are raging on the path to home, once so silent and calm The desperate glare of the dark light is cast on the fallen one And when the illusions sigh no more, the journey to new dream will carry on 'cause life is just a beautiful death Life turns a new and strange page They will try to take everything away from me You'll never know the future Save me from the rain Tell me what matters in life, if anything I'm struggling with sickness They will try to take everything away from me Are you trying to hide from the end Save me from the rain Save me from the end `Cause life will always be withering away from us I want to be alone with you And I'll give my heart to you, before I go 'cause life is just a beautiful, beautiful death