Loneliness (Winter) (Wintersun)

Loneliness (Winter) Once I saw the light in your eyes But nothing will be any longer the way I remember I've become someone else and I can't go back, I tried I'm lost in the fields of snow far from home Follow the coast under the frozen sky With a growing sorrow in weary eyes Swallow the ghost of the lucid dream And silent will be the mournful sea The sands of life covered in white From the darkest nights to the blinding light I almost reached home, I was so close But to be left alone is what hurts the most Am I the only one awake Am I the one who is fading away There was so much I wanted to say Do I have a reason anymore to stay Washed away by the morning sun Hear the howling call from the other side And so much was left undone The weight of the world quietly crushed the dying light Washed away by the frozen stars Feel the burning coldness of the falling snow And one day when everything is gone The trail in the snow disappears, am I finally home