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Starchild (Wintersun)

So mysterious is your world, Concealed beyond the stars Far away from the earth, It flows one with time and dark as the night Million shapes and colours Are storming inside your mind Creating endless dimensions Forming universes without walls Let go! of the stars, the stars that fell into the sea Let go! of your thoughts and dreams, What can you see now You cannot save them anymore - Wanderer of time - It's too late now - Creator of Dimensions - Destroy the walls of time Hands of the blind are holding your fate Tides of life will take you away, will take you away Starchild! Visions are born from the unknown force It dominates the way of time The dream only ends, when the worlds come to an end Starchild! You cannot escape to the dark streams of the sea, To suppress your dreams Nothing can keep you away from the need to create 'cause your path is free... I've hold the fire within myself Years I've walked in the coldest winds Through the deserts of sand and snow The time is passing and I know; That I'm wasting my life, destroying my dreams I'm diving into the bottomless sea From sorrow and pain I find my strength The more pain I feel, the more I see Now I'm watching my life flowing in the dark Like streams of fear running through my heart And it's wearing me down until I'm gone Soon I'll join the endless whirls of stars And I fall (something is dying, yet something is born) deeper into the unknown voids And I fall (when will I find my silent dawn) into infinity like a burning star I fall like a burning star! The curtains of mist are fading And the veils of star clouds are revealed Storms of new energy Flows in the depths of my mind New constellations are born In total harmony of perfection And the dissonant unbalance was broken As the colours fell straight from the light I'm floating in the sea of stars, I'm drifting away from the shore I will be lost in the dream when the dark days come But I will make the time run backwards and I'll make the stars shine again I will light up the sky to a bright crimson nights ... And they'll shine together forever With brilliant silver colours they'll shine forever The whirls of stars takes you now far away Away from the cold nightmare Let go of you thoughts and dreams And you will feel the warmth once again Starchild! in the Sea of Stars you fall You fall like a burning star! Starchild! in the Sea of Stars you fall ... But there is no end to creation