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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Brick X Brick (Mureau)

Get out! You're always playing the victim. Before you know it, it comes back quick. Don't call it a reason, I'll bring this all to an end. I pray this sword t'be swift! Call me the bearer of bad news. Call me this angel t'save you from yourself. I'm staring straight to the serpent's eye Here comes a cave in.. I'll tear it down, brick by brick! I will show you just what you did! Call me baby when you calm back down, I'll be waiting by your bedroom door. Looking forward to the poison's new home. Can't you see what we've lost.. And this is never your show. I know you'll never believe me. But baby it just go's on t'show. Now I'm starting to believe! That your craving attention from such worthless of things.. I've got this poison in my veins, They filled me with concrete. If i were you, I'd be gone. So is it me or my sudden grief? I paint a picture and you throw it in my face. You're pushing us backwards, I'm learning t'let go. Just cover your tracks when you ditch us. Don't ever say.. I wasn't there t'help you. As the world opens up to swallow.. I'll cut my losses. Everyday another foot in the grave. Another peice is falling from this broken heart. You built a wall of excuses, I watched you put them all here.. brick by brick.