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Migration (Salling Mark)

Pardon me but can i please just ask a stupid question what is living for. honestly im partially comsumed by indirection and i find im wanting more metaphores and dinosaurs led to this proclamation you cant change history until then lets just pretend its good to be proactive but im still dreaming just becasue hopefully somewhere somthing is waiting for us i will say it over and over i dont care what you beleive in just hang out and be cool when birds decide which way to fly its not like its an issue it happens naturally just like then i tend to move on similar migration we can still agree just as long as when you're wrong nobody is afflicted all your dreams come true meet me i the street so i can offer you a high five cuz you're my friend and i know you feel it too you can follow me to a final destination whatever you need to acheive your salvation and quiet possibly we could find a higher power and finally we see the flock is hte same body