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I Remember (Deviates)

When I think of my youth, I don't remember you, you weren't there You didn't care, you still don't care, you never cared if I did, but I don't It was a dream I had no choice, I couldn't scream I had no voice To say or do anything, I was all alone and the hate did grow And I remember what its like to be different, a constant fight, ya, I remember You couldn't see no you couldn't feel, wake up from the dream just to find its real, yeah I remember My mind was full of hate, my heart was empty I couldn't take it It was your choice to leave, I hated you, did you hate me? A fight for custody, over me, a piece of property, just filled me w/ confusion Empty thoughts, anger & illusions. Do you remember me, that whining kid, that crying baby The hate has evolved, problem solved, you don't exist, its all your fault Yeah I remember what its like to be a kid, that's not my life You're nothing to me, you never were, that's pretty lame I guess that's just the way it goes... but I remember