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One Day (Deviates)

26 and Paul wants a great life, a good paying job, A nice house, a kid, a pretty wife. he can't hold a job, He never has & knows he never will, he plays the lottery & blames his problems on the world. I've been seeing this Shit for some time, we all got our problems, I guess we've All got our needs, I've been seeing this shit for some time, Take good care of yourself. first of the month and the rent Is due again, checking his savings he's got pocket lint to spend. Down on his luck, with no tears to spare, desperation motivates A mind not clear. one day he said things are gonna change, One day when I've got things squared away. one day soon turns Into the next, one day were the words he said with his last breath. 1992 Paul walks into the liquor store, with an unloaded pistol, I don't need to say more. his life ended in that tragic day, No one cared for him, not one to this day