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This Town (Deviates)

I've tried so many times to leave this place, this town, My life these streets are a map of my past, tomorrow They'll tell me about last night There's no odd news if there's any news at all, this place is boring, This place sucks, this place is home, I've walked these streets 18 years, My whole life, I know their names like mine, and I hate tonight Where should we go from here, where will be next year, this city is changing But it's all the same, we've been here, done that, seen this, and trashed that I can't take another day, I hate tonight I say this seven nights a week I hate tonight, I hate this fucking town, everywhere I go and everything I see I try to shrug it away, I try to sleep it away, I try to drink it away I want to keep it away, there's nothing left to see, it's a part of me No, it's not a part of me. I've tried so many times to leave this Place this town my life, the same problems always come my way, It's getting harder to see Guess I'll find my way home, I close my mind and the problems solved If tomorrow comes, I'll push on through