King For A Day (Crush)

I'm fresh out of regret Smoked my last cigarette Down to the very end like it was a cure My head's turned upside down Smile like a party clown Can't get this coffee down It's colder than cold Bridge I don't want to go on about it But how the hell can I live without it Chorus I can see for miles around Oh for crying out loud Every face in the crowd Oh is looking at us Sweet amazing grace Everytime every space Everything in it's place Like I was King for a day I threw this window pane There's no one left to blame But then it's all the same as long as she shows that Face like a beauty queen Straight form a magazine Swear that's she's always been the last to know that Bridge/chorus King for a day Like I was king for a day King for a day Chorus x2 Like I was king for a day King for a day I was King Oh yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah