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Ha Ha Ha (Michael Kevin)

Ma be the hype With a body so tight And she's sending green light Like she's choosing But I ain't gonna sweat Ain't gonna sweat, no Givin me the bedroom eye And she bitin on her lip Like she wanna wrinkle up the sheets And work it till she break a sweat Until she break a sweat, yeah She's smoking like incense Burning like a candle Bout a thousand degrees This chick's off the meter Ass so fat Don't waste that You can be on my team You ain't gotta beg, girl I don't like handouts They way too easy You was wide open First minute you seen me Can't blame you Look at me Ma take a breather I know you excited This is how I'm workin it (Put some Cuervo in her cup and start loosening up) Once it's kickin in (I'll be opportunistic and I'm sure that I can hit it) 1 for the money, 2 for the show 3 for my crib and away we go Ain't no need for the number exchange That'll be handled in the morning (Ha ha ha) Hey ma, whatchu got under that sexy dress? (Nothing) Damn girl, what I got to do to see if you telling the truth? (Nothing) Grab your coat, your purse, your keys, what else you need? (Nothing) G5 ride out, now it's time to find out, if you tryin to cut (Something) The Cartier clicks and it's quarter to two Man what is we gonna do? She starts spittin nasty thoughts This chick is so bold Ain't nothing wrong with that Cause that's the type of talk I like So baby now I'm sold meet me round the back you know I'm with it I'm a have to lay you down Ha ha ha