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8 Moons Ago (Camp Lo)

As I'm racing forward through time Deja Vu clouds my mind There's no pause or rewind what's behind is behind Swift drifting in memory you remember me Days of electric melody Glamourous galaxies where ??? all swimming so heavily It feel like eight moons ago, but three is what you telling me There's something that you should know First sip this Rangelico OK I was trying boo, lusting, that's how I lost your trusting This seat was my pleasure be our measure we dreamt forever I never meant to hurt you break you betray you desert you Guess I was young....Guess I was dumb At the central park we was blood brothers Known on Valentine as the young lovers Switching, hitting different ones before rubbers You chose the coke route smoke route dope route I chose the mic life hype life night life On separate paths, we still clash on the Ave And spilling saying the glass And blinding our mats with hash Still in my dreams I can see you so clear Wake up out of my puzzle haze I can't believe you ain't here I miss you Is there something cosmic In how we orbit and circle the wild orchid From catching the kids to hickies to quickies We make me walking There's no beginning or ending its just how we'll absorb it You ??? and ending touch ??? when you'll be rewarded Time keeps running like my visions a wonder that's feeding my hunger that's leading to the music that's under that's leading me higher, igniting my fire Till I touch the seventh plane of change [Chorus]