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Black Connect II (Camp Lo)

* The wind feels natural The crook On some black connection From continent to continent crooks reign But I guess you already know that Volume Two of this joint Lo I scuba in Bermuda with new girl While in Cuba receive a message Wide screen view from Cheeba Got girls for some interceptions I detect a weapon, passport, chains We smile chameleon Catching G-11 land on Kawasakis willy-in Look at me Look at the Bronx, Brooklyn, and the Harlem Black Connection "Cheeba, you pulled Suede operate tailspin" OK Flynn need guns with cajun lens Need funds a million yens Here goes again Time to shock the world!! Top Co., Diana Ross We set the feathers gloss We jet, the flyin horse Steal it then we Shoot down the iron flies Look up, with eye on top The skies, the pirate skies Kiss a story Scar a feeble, throw the lassos Black Connect at the Boscos Hidin hollows and assholes Matrix, bullets don't dodge slow Untraceable grin gin pour Palms is sweaty Relax, relate, release We ready (We ready) Black Connection Black Connection-tion-tion Black Connection Black Connection Black Connection Black Connection-tion Black Connection Black Connection Blue Eyed Blue Skies brawn Wearin blue suits Blue through tall pigs From the skies Think its two Alec Baldwins Crosswinds Fold them in, we in the air Yea my semi-bleached Clorox, get near me Might blow ox This bunnies got chaos The white clouds, gray fox The mad purple, violet In that the private pilot You try it In this I.V. will be the rest of your diet We wild with fury for jury movies Mass um up of uzis Minus the fingerprints The turbulence still got me woozy Thats when I heard the engine blow Screamin: "Cheeba eject!" Free fallin reckless through the clouds Now lets get this glow Black Connection We get the glow and We blow these bird doors Shoot the plastic explosive While we on the hang glide show We hit the falcons Scout them bullions Massage the mountains air Suspended in air Glitter till the clitters Get this merchandise Fu-Yun from Taiwan And African emo-ice Cargo from Key Largo Powder porchable plants Cashin foreign stamps We taken these grants and brakin camp We on the autopilot, thats why no bodies hear We got bullions Feelin like two front of stairs Flynn: "You'll soon sing at the range Yall Leave yall drain plane Go down in flames I'm the hero So I take all of the vibrate Off to New Zealand You guys maintain less than zero" No chance for crookers to help us We lost in the air Hittin troopers up there But we wont leave without a bang Evacuate perimeter Cobra dillinger skimmin ya Most is patriotic Plunge into the ocean Cant stop it Will we make it in time Crooks to be continued From continent to continent Black connection up in you [Chorus]