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Gorilla Pimp (Camp Lo)

Pink lemonade on my mink Link Minute Maid sink get my drink Then I blink I'm a burn the scene Suede; he's a shooting star Chee; he's a movie star Ski; Hollywood get you stripin' Probably would then Hottest emcee Red and yellow 'zay feelin easy Mami wonder wild sex How it feel? Not feel ya ma, Pimp fire Shot vodka gotcha Get higher Bang on chest, King Kong flame mya Tap my cane swing long magic wire Straight out the Congo Disguising condo Red light Bongos, cobra Damillo Sex night Nobody's gonna drip on my poncho That right Kissin' the gorilla walk broads If you Gorilla Pimp drag it on the floor Grab her by the hair and drag her on the floor Tilt that cock and drag it on the floor Take them rim stockings and drag it on the floor repeat Spin on twin eagles face Crimson Toss it, Classic, Automatic Clinching Walk on my tip-toes, cell holds Pimpin Here's a little mary jane Now them dames Swimmin Satin Water World Women on Women Lo-a in between them Just Gorilla Pimpin' Malibu white Nirvana glimmer glitter at night Spending these breeze on green And swimmin in the daily's electro light Blow Tiajuana Lubricate my number nine Slow when you want to Glide make this stallion ride Aaaaah Manoeuvre v's and be switching lanes Yoooou You mezmorized on the candy cane Weeeee Smile off Henney inside my Suede-a cave Lo blow Slo-mo Poo'? No Oh No We style Lo Make this slither off the tongue, mama We style Lo Spillin Asian Rum We gon' make you numb Fly high Blend sky like Thai Never end Cross t's Dot i's On Gorilla Pimp shit Gorilla Pimp Gorilla Pimp Gorilla Pimp Ha ? Gorilla Pimp Fade it right there...