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China Soul (Camp Lo)

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo Asian off the sky dive Blend the seven whirlpools Cambodian blow fly Slip into this night ooze Two pleasures amize a visa My swordfish select moves Jumping through the land across Collect when the Vette fuse Polynesian breathing Suede hit burn the catacombs She sniffing golden grams For stolen moments When the rain hit home Spiral ice steps, see-through sofas Ice cream mountain Raspberry ways She's 20-20 blind cherry glaze They kiss They kiss the lower cabinet We got the chrome of These electric bolts Freeze a thousand molotov Cocktails and reheat Breeze like they was dreaming of Crazy horse crooks The scary dashing and lashing dames Name, marijuana Edali Lam School bus dive into a pool of wise guys But, keep rechargeable women We charging for live cuts Heavens and herams, and the Suede Now all is here Asia to Africa (Africa) The young boys they want to rush (they want to rush) Another cut from the Warriors (the Warriors) We stay victorious (stay victorious) {Repeat} There is twilight My life you like we light is getting brighter Twin deep unique we screeching Bleakers out a speeding Viper Sexy Lex we blessed for days While you crawl on my spider Hypnotic, exotic subtonic We fuzzy navel We on channel matrix Mate chicks that dominate We skinny dive the divas With zebra tommy heaters On any line you leave us Lo appropriate Leave flash, pizzazz A far bizarre But naw, the blast magic fantasies Speed off in the T-top Where we got the mean lead We the meal nova getting friction Aqua, Libra dance forbidden Tuscan villa Buddha satin European cocoa Latin Make the measure off living Yamaha moto kendo glisten Mink pattern diamond furs Cocaine jazz sushi chills Greasy spoon white hugo Bowling bags that's where we go Rolling jacks that's when you go Holding max you don't hit those Slim Fast oasis sim city For them diesel dykes Laying in tomato sauce Dragging it on they rag pipes Breathtaking Heliport we taking off Heavy golfing endeavours deflating Mazerati we gone Ire party be drawn We out our bodies Cheeba land by sea by air We quantum leaping through Thailand, Beijing, tight ends We are LO-ah Cobraca, Asia to Africa x2