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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Sky Box (Camp Lo)

I dream, a dream, a little dream and my deepest fantasies they just take control of me Do it for the seasons we leave these legacies Mami, dada, grandma, grandpa big holla to Ali Do they love em? Do they hate em? Are they with em, or against them? I didn't really know, bro Ijust love em if they hittin Mr. misunderstood, to my sister, Nagia Know our love was so good, and the bliss on the heater To my brother Tomcat, taught me wrong a lot of women turn him into a strong venom it's the sin in me I can't stop To my little fella Cherokee, I do know It gets lonely, hello, but's it's only fo' sho Valentino's! We knows it grows no deeper 1-9-7! 1-9-8 is even more cheeka My cubasas! No, my love don't get no better than Vogretta Lee (? no idea) that's my plan, that's just forever Clear weather for the apple of my eye White violin under velvet sky No more mistakes, promise to try Porky and Ginitho why y'all had to die? Meet you in the afterworld When the tides come in, we gon' have the world If not for ya'll they'd be no me(Cheeba) No Chee no Lo no glow no strength no high life no wine nights no dreams on how's it gon' get better Love ya all Mecca: Love is something that no longer has no meaning left No Even though we in the streets we still feel love I'm singing love Love (repeat)