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Haunted (Room 2012)

Every step I take I see your face In each way of pain In a house without your life Anymore Just dont feel the same If I might not speak What my heart would say I let it be and go away Midnights gone And its been too long I wanna shadow to want myself You left me wanting nothing else In this house This house is haunted Since you left me, baby This heart is broken And Im going crazy When you say I love you Left me so consumed Your presence is in every room My heart is haunted Everything I wanted Left with you, baby Im haunted You say our love is gone It had to fail But I still feel you here Angels never cry Bring warmth outside Am I feeling heavens tears? so what I used to Is more than I could go away Another sound is say But I cant forget Deep inside I feel the pain Cause I wont see you back again In this house Chours Theres nothing left anymore Gotta let you go No shame, no hurt, no more I gotta let it go (oh yeah) Chorus 2x