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This Is What I Am (Dyslesia)

The sun is caressing the clouds This soon brings an end to the madness Say that it's a mistake of you want But tonight I am leaving Morning sun stops it all Eyelids are opening all around me What is this wind What is this wind tonight ? I am sure it is speaking to me It's giving me its last advice It's like a bad movie I see the leaves fallen The season is changing again Bad memories are coming back But now I can rock them I am catching the wind I am catching the wind The madness is coming slowly She's laying her sail on my head My heart will soon explode I am playing the fool I am playing the clown Back from afar To cruel reality Back from afar There is no reason for this Save me from this hellish magic war To cruel reality, no reason for this Float through the valley in my dreams Searching for the answer of my mind Lonely and estranged this is what I am Searching for the answer of my mind