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Fallen Angel's Dominion (Thulcandra)

Fallen angel's dominion Fires -- the black horizons are burning The sky is red, heaven's bleeding A choir of souls, their screams are a morbid anthem Towards the night skies their prayers are rising But there's no god, that will grant redemption Fallen angel's dominion Hellish flames devour the souls Demonic forces, profane creations, Godless armies, satanic minions Walking through the flames of eternal pain, All hope is lost, there's no salvation Pestilence, suffering till infinity ends Satan's hunger engulfs all souls of false believe All you pathetic pharisees, you are damned to rot Self righteous hypocrites, bow down to the infernal lord Fallen angel's dominion A funeral for mankind, there's no escape, Azazel's black wings carry you away Fallen angel's dominion Oceans of blood, waves of perdition Storms of execration, bane of the cursed