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Splinter (The Blackmail)

stay cement feet we were friends out of reach in the past but however i'm losing your face in my head dare all you can you can't lose, because you've been spared to get used now you're living all over the edges of all senses i close my x-ray eyes i've seen that all before i knew it all before but the cut never came crawling on the floor while the hit was acclaimed it doesn't mean that you like to be on my knees in a squeeze i'm falling out too deep, but i'm stuck to the lane like any other creep that is shot all in vain now i'll take a rest till you call my name i close my x-ray eyes can't stare at all the spies i've seen this all before i've seen it all before sweer as a gift we were friends as seen in the past but nobody has carried the claim the story that i tell is a story i was told i will stand beneath while you dig your own hole just try to focus on what you really need