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This Is Not Goodbye, Just Goodnight (Kill Your Idols)

At age 41, the king was dead It wasn't the beginning or the end Shouting for his freedom He was silenced again Maybe for the last time The government Just couldn't stand To see their morals questioned Another example of non freedom of speech "he needs to be silenced" In 1962 he plead guilty To the lies of the state After years of urging rebellion He moved out west A peaceful existence? I don't think so Retreated, lost and beaten He sunk into depression Losing battles to bottles No money for bills And no will to live New years 1965 is when he collapsed And the bottle toook his life At age 43 he died alone and broke With nothing but his family A physical existence can be erased But true legends never die And where were his friends When the end took him away? No where to be found he gave it A name and direction "rock and roll" End: I hope its true that when we die We can look back on what we have done Because I think Alan Freed would be glad to know That the rebellion still carries on Whenever someone raises their middle finger And goes against the norm I hope he knows that he didn't die in vain Its not goodbye, just goodnight