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Reaper Calling (Whiskey Rebels)

Initials tattooed inside of my lip Scars from the bottle on my fingertip Cigarette burn on the web of my hand Eardrums shattered from my nights with the band What was your name it's on the tip of my tongue Met you on a night when I was too drunk or too young It's nice to see you again, my old friend I can hear it in the night time I can hear the reaper calling I can feel the rain drops falling Calling out my name Well I swore off drugs and guns But I spit out razor blades I wrote my name in blood I carved out your name On the outside I've grown up Inside I'm still the same As damaged as can be, without going insane and I can feel no pain Cause I'm numb to everything And you know I won't think twice Cause life ain't nothing nice And I can feel no pain cause I'm numb to everything cause life ain't nothing nice