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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Countdown To Annihilation (Dance Club Massacre)

Make some noise party people. It's the grand finale. At center stage where the invitational is endless. Times due to look our best. Put on your best shirt and slacks, ladies. Oh yeah sweet sizzlin' sassy girls. The fridge is full so make haste and get on with your bad selves. Grab your dates and your entry numbers. This rumble is about to get messy. The countdown has begun. Sweating simultaneously in one room. Twist if you must. Shout if you dare. But damsels and villains both beware. It's time, it's raise your glasses high. To Auld Lang Syne my dear, and a happy new year. This jig is just for you. Do what you must, but I won't tell. These lips are sealed. To Auld Lang Syne my dear. And a happy new year