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Deuces Shoeless Vs The Double Dribbles (Dance Club Massacre)

Simply the greatest game of all time. A 5 on 5 b-ball extravaganza. Mitch and I shall be team captains and select the best from the best. In my first pick at power forward I choose the Samoan bulldozer Umaga. In retaliation Mitch boosts his defense and steals with the Repo Man. Fortunately enough I receive Jimmy Snuk for the distant shots, and Kamala as a towering center. Now Mitch has chosen Too Cold Scorpio and D'Lo Brown. But I know who knows the real low down. Mr. Fuji shall play the perimeter on my shoeless team. Mitch scrambles Santino Marella. He thinks this is his casa. Well a certain necro butcher thinks otherwise. Poor shock master is with Mitch by default. No one likes to be picked last. In a game of razzle dazzle- jukes, spins, blood sweat and tears have flooded the court. In the final showdown, with 5 seconds left on the clock, my main man Mr. Fuji hits a fade away shot on the 9 point spot to win the game. Shoeless warriors of mine.... To the bar, drinks on me. Fuck you Mitch.