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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Sad Fisherman (Sophie Hunger)

Today has more than this hour And the months they have more than tonight The before and the after The clapping, the laughter One hell full of silence and time. Here they were ringing the bells And I thought you could keep me from hell And all that I own from my flesh to my song Was yours, and yours all alone Hate me, get out of my sight Push me away bring up the fight Don't let me stare, oh don't let me here Mixing the wrong and the right Uhhh... Here you are, still in my bed And I just cant stop turning my head, And pretend that its real and that it's you that i feel And nothing has ever been said So kiss me and kiss me again Loose it completely I can't be your friend Then we will know if it's been yours the show That we made up to get rid of ourselves, choir Uhhh... Let's pretend today had only this hour And the months they had only tonight No before and no after The clapping, the laughter Hell sinking way out of sight Helsinki - running for life.