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Sophie Hunger Blues (Sophie Hunger)

My brother is a farmer so you ask him what to do The rain about to harm you, "build a fence" he says to you So build a fence and wonder while you're slowly sinking in About the chief commander suggesting you should swim And that's the very moment when you sto and start to fear: "It's strange in here" Now the whole place around you is drowing in a flood While the military's aiming at the sky that wouldn't stop My sister is a lawyer so you ask her what to do Your boy's drowned right before you "let me sue" she says to you And that's the very moment when you stop and start to fear: "It's strange in here" Now the whole city's floating gently towards the sea You're turning to the President "Ah Sir, don't let this be" He chuckles once and chuckles twice and then begins to shout: "Lets bring them clouds to justice, track em down and smoke em out" And that's the very moment when you stop and start to fear: "It's strange in here" When I was born i felt a tremble in my hand And in short time it started to expend It travelled up my arm and settled in my shoulder From there it filled my chest and scared my heart and took it over Ever since I'm far from sleep I walk the roads at night and weep: "Please, please" Soon after I would shake from head to toe I left my cardboard house in spite of not knowing where to go I thought I might find silence if I'd move at such fast pace So the shaking would sort of discharge somewhere along the race But the more I walked the more I ran the more things got out of hand God damn! Under these circumstances it was hard to find a job Let alone to touch someone so I'd given up the thought But then one day I pointed out a figure in the dark Shaking just as much as me so I offered him my heart And now guess what happened, there was an earthquake And the world fell apart Once she had a dream from which she would awake She feared that if she'd touch the ground her hand would start to shake Nothing ever fades away her kingdom knows no time The kick of any given kick is perfectly designed And she can pull it out any time (that's a bit like singing) The city that she's living in never would insist On anything of everything, it costs her nothing to exist Freedom, freedom, free - chains are in demand When there is no necessity in using your own hands Well, maybe that's the reason why they're shaking Now you're banging on her door asking her to step outside "Come on girl, you must awake, go get yoursefl a life!" After enless minutes she answers finally: "maybe you know who you are But still you search for me, craving for the miracles of my uncertainty" "You have so much, I miss so much, but what you miss is what you have", she says From the outside it's you yelling back: " Oh, don't make me laugh!" When in fact you know she's true. Everything you need out there you need "cause it's not you" "I'll let you be part of my dream, if I can be part of yours" Bob Dylan said that "I'll let you be part of my dream, if I can be part of your reality" I said that.