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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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All She Knows (Tiles)

All she knows Is what she's told Is fact & fantasy Life in harminy She stands alone Shadow on the wall Gently lit her silhoutte Reflecting tall She spins to look On my command The shutter clicks she blinks And laughs offhand I slow the pace And pause to stop & think Here is a moment Where good fortune winks Eyes that sparkle And eyes that shine Hazel eyes smile As they peer into mine Canvas blank The slate is clean With nothing in between us Simple & untarnished She is all she seems All she knows Will turn to gold Colors spill in waves Off the path she paves She dreams a place Chapters in a book Stories long with heroes strong How blue the sky would look Then she stops to see Who's listening Seeds of consciousness Come creeping in All I know Here is a moment Where good fortune winks Someday when she feels the comfort fade Holding on to this humble place