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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Markers (Tiles)

I can't see inside the present Staring down the road reflected in the sun More said than done I'm immersed in introspection Setting stones of speculation one by one Longing for something more Tomorrow cannot come While I wish my time away Safe in my comfort zone Ignoring cold reality I can feel the strings attaching Stumbling blocks overturning under me Scraping toward Faint rewards Fabricating milestones Living in Stately whims At a place beyond my reach Wanting - searching Scanning - yearning Markers guiding me Skating past Liquid glass On my way to something else I forget What I get Before it's what I've got Planning - tracking Clipping - posting Markers sticking to me Scraping toward Faint rewards Skating past Liquid glass Cue cards show All I know Markers pulling me